Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vinayaka made of maida

This is a part of our vinayaka chavithi celebrations 2010 .I made this vinayaka with maida . I have used spices,cereals for decoration.

Japanese Doll

Materials Required:
Empty Perfume Bottle ( I used AXE)
Gift wrap paper small piece
White poster paint
Red color paper( i have used  pamphlets )
Black color paper
First wrap the body of perfume bottle with gift paper.Paint the front portion of the lid with white paint.Tie a ribbon at neck.Make a small fan with red color paper and glue it in the body .Cut the color paper for nose and eyes.Ur japenese doll is ready ...with not even a penny out from ur pocket.

Windbells -- Hearts

Materials Required:
Sattin Ribbon
Cut the cardboard into heart shape pieces .I have used the carboard which we get for KFC stuff.So no need to paint again with red color.Its already printed red.If u r using plane carboard then paint red. Now take the circle cardboard and make holes and knot the threads to it....Now its almost done...just u have to attach the hearts to the thread.Glue 2 hearts with theard in-between.Hang the keychain to the middle thread as shown in pic 1 and tie ribbon.Ur craft is ready ...beautiful & easy to make...with the stuff u have .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bridal Wall Hanging --- Applique Work

Materials Required:
Jute bag (rice bag)
For decoration--
Pista shells
Old antique jewellry
Old saree borders
Fabric paint & water colors
Trace the picture on a cardboard .Cut the cardboard accordingly to get different parts of the picture.Cut the jute accordingly for the cardboard pieces and glue them. Now paint the cardboard pieces with colors of ur choice.Align the pieces on cardboard r thermocoal and glue them.Now decorate the picture. Ur craft is ready .....with things u have at ur hand.