Wednesday, December 25, 2013

X-mas Crafts with Egg Cartons


Egg Cartons are transformed to beautiful X-mas crafts that include a x-mas tree, santa and a wreath.A DIY craft and kids friendly too,very easy to make with the things handy at home.
(These things are required in common)
Egg carton
water colors
Cut the egg carton to separate the cups as shown in pic.
For X-mas tree:
Egg Carton cups -5
Small thermocoal piece
Cut the ends of  4 egg carton cups into strips and color them in green . One egg carton cup use it for the pot , color it in brown. For star cut 2 small diamond portion of egg carton and stick them together and color in gold. Now its time to arrange the Christmas tree....put the cups one by one to the stick and at the top put the star and now put the tree in the pot with help of thermocoal piece.
For Santa :
Egg carton cups -4
Take 3 cups and color in red ( for cap and the body part) , 1 cup color in light pink( for face).Take cotton and roll it and paste in the body part , cap, and face .Now all the pars are ready, starting with boady paste 2 cups and on it paste the face and then the cap. color eyes and mouth of santa with sketchpen. Santa is ready..........

For Santa Gift Basket:
Cut the egg carton ,don't separate the cups and arrange the gifts in it.
For gifts:
Crush the paper and make it as a ball and wrap it with gift wrapper and tie with a ribbon.

For Wreath:
Egg carton Cup-1
Water bottle ring
gold foil chocolate wrapper
Color the cup in gold and wrap the ring with foil.Hang the bell to the ring with thread and tie a ribbon to the ring ... wreath is ready.......
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Flower Vase with Juice Bottle Lids


Materials Required:
Juice bottle caps (max. used is 6)

These are various patterns of flower vases done from juice bottle caps